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The curch of Saint Haralambos parish is placed in one of the most beautiful areas of Iasi, a historically significant city. Even next to our church there are the memorial houses of some important public figures for both Romanian history and literature as: Mihail Codreanu (Romanian Poet), George Toparceanu (Romanian Poet), Petru Poni (Romanian chemist and statesman), Mihail Kogalniceanu (Romanian statesman), Mihai Ursachi (Romanian poet) and Vasile Conta (Romanian philosopher, writer and statesman). Also, in the area of our parish, it is open to the public the first Romanian Literature Museum, which is hosted in Ion Creanga's Hut.

The most beautiful aspect related to our church is, however, the legend recorded by the wrtier Mihail Sadoveanu in his collection of stories Ancuta's Inn.  He is narrating about two brothers, George and Haralambos Leondarie, native of Epirus and majors in the service of the ruller Constantin Ipsilanti (1799 - 1801, 1806). At a given moment, Haralambos becomes and outlaw. After several attempts to catch him, the ruller Ipsilanti delegates George to capture his brother. After a longtime chasing  he caught him somewhere near Varatec Monastery. During the confrontantion, George was forced to shoot Haralambos. Even though he didn't intend this, his brother died. Hereby, major George Leondarie fulfilled the commandment of his ruller but, because of his immense pain, he asked the permission for retirement from the army. So as to God forgive his fratricide, George builded a church; our church.  




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